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Employees are our most valued resource and are at the center of everything we do. Their talent, diversity, and commitment are crucial to our innovation and success. Our work environment fosters personal, professional, and corporate growth and nurtures innovation through product development and...
Kimberly-Clark: Diversity & Inclusion
We aim to reduce the impact of water use at our facilities and in the surrounding communities. To maximize our impact, we focus our efforts on regions at the greatest risk and customize our approach and ambition for the specific needs of each water basin.
我们帮助世界各地的人们访问的必需品for a dignified life and are putting our brands to work on some of the most pressing challenges facing the world. We have an ambitious goal to advance the wellbeing of 1 billion people by 2030.
We are committed to ensuring that all employees within our supply chain are treated with respect and in accordance with our workplace and human rights standards.


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